Snowy day? 5 Kid-Friendly Craft Ideas to Ward Off Cabin Fever – WPXI

Has it rained, snowed, or are you just stuck at home for the day? Don’t let cabin fever bring you and the kids down.

We’ve scoured the web for creative, fun and entertaining ideas perfect for indoor family fun.

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If your kid loves goop, go flubber! This easy DIY is a fun and colorful project that’s sure to keep kids entertained.

Sock Puppet Fun:

Grab some old socks and craft supplies to create colorful and fun puppets. Stimulate creativity even further by having kids write a fun play and perform it with their new puppet friends.

DIY piggy bank using a plastic bottle:

While making their piggy bank, piggy bank, money tree or whatever they want, slip in a lesson on saving money.

Create pancake art:

Have you ever tried to create pancake art? It is not easy. But the challenge can be fun together! Have children choose a character from their favorite storybook and find a tutorial online. And when you’re done, enjoy the tasty dish.

DIY clothespin faces:

Get creative with things you already have around the house with these clothespin faces. All you need are wooden clothespins, paper, scissors and pencils.


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