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An early childhood teacher and mother of two young boys used the internet to share ideas for games for parents at home with their toddlers.

Sophie Pickles, of Steeton, has inspired those caring for babies, toddlers and preschoolers on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook as well as the YouTube video platform.

The former headmistress of the early grades of Moorfield School, Ilkley, who has also taught nursery, reception, first and second years of the school, has a large following throughout the district .

She now works from home as an educational consultant and copywriter, as well as producing relevant content on social media.

“I have shared game ideas and inspirations for babies, toddlers and preschoolers on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for the past two years.

“But after having to make the decision to stop participating in local groups and activities several weeks ago, I decided to put our play ideas online.

“Before Joe Wicks even started his very popular daily physical education classes, we were running daily live play sessions with a simple but fun play idea every day of the week – all using everyone’s household items. days.

“We made chia seed mud, ice paint, do-it-yourself bird feeders, created a masking tape town and more.

“After the success of the first week of daily live play, I decided to expand the offering and run weekly live baby classes broadcast via Facebook and YouTube.

Every class has hundreds of parents in attendance and many catch up afterwards – which means we are reaching over 1000 families per week.

“I would like all parents and families to know that they are not alone and that they are welcome to join our gaming community.

“I received so many wonderful comments, messages and photos that brought me so much joy. I would like to spread the word even further to make sure that no parent of young children or babies feels alone during this time of isolation. ”

Sophie, who has sons, two Finley, and three-month-old Rupert, has been praised by many moms who said she was an “inspiration” and her sessions “brought some normalcy back.”

Others say she provided a calming influence at unusual times while others told her they were already eagerly awaiting instructions on homemade bubbles.

The feature of its children is the videos.

Many parents who have participated often send him pictures of their own children playing.

For those unfamiliar with Sophie’s home gaming sessions, they can be found on Facebook at: Sophie Pickles Early Years. They are also on Instagram: @mummypickles and on YouTube: Sophie Pickles.


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