That Gallery in Basingstoke runs an art shop for Ukraine

Basingstoke’s AN ART gallery is calling on locals to get creative with Ukraine’s national flower to help provide lifesaving support to fleeing refugees.

The curators who run That Gallery, which is about to reopen in Festival Place, are curating a pop-up shop with a very special twist.

Rachel Davis, one of the gallery’s curators, calls on residents to do something creative using the theme of the sunflower, known as Ukraine’s national flower.

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She said: “I felt very strongly that the creative community, the local creative community, needed to come together and do something. There’s a lot going on nationally and globally in the wider community, but I thought we had to do something here and the timing of the gallery’s reopening got me thinking.

Rachel said she didn’t think it would be fair to hold a regular reopening of the gallery, after it closed in December last year.

She added; “It just wouldn’t fit in light of what’s going on, so I wanted to use the fact that we’re reopening as an opportunity. Everyone is invited to participate from other Festival Place retailers, other art groups and anyone who thinks they can paint, draw, sew or knit something sunflower themed which they can then donate for be auctioned.

Rachel hopes the sunflower theme will be a sign of hope.

She added: “They are the biggest producers of sunflowers in the world and a lot of our sunflower oil comes from Ukraine, so it’s just a nice symbol that it’s their national flower.

“I think sunflowers are a lot of people’s favorite flowers anyway and they just represent cheerfulness and that’s lacking in the world right now. I think they will also look very impactful when all displayed together.

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The Festival Place customer service lounge will now serve as a drop-off point for anyone who wishes to submit creative sunflower-themed artwork.

She also hopes to organize workshops for children to come and make sunflower-themed artwork.

She added: “It’s really about getting the community behind it and a lot of people have made practical donations, but actually it could be a nice way for the community to come together to do something to help people. others.”

The money raised from the sale of the art will be donated to help Ukrainian refugees.

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