The best arts and crafts ideas to stimulate creativity


Extracurricular activities are an integral part of your child’s development. Arts and crafts activities interest the majority of children, and it is the one thing that never bores them. Here are the best creative ideas that your kids can participate in that not only acts as a hobby activity but also helps in their brain development. Allowing children to express themselves freely and creatively in life makes them mentally happy and boosts their self-esteem.

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The most popular arts and crafts ideas for kids

  • Ceramic art – Children love to shape their imaginations, and there is nothing better than creating art with clay. The only thing to be careful of is that the dough should be non-toxic as children will definitely be tempted to taste the dough. Children enjoy pottery activities the most because they experience an unusual level of satisfaction in getting their hands dirty while causing their creativity bug.
  • Origami art – This is a Japanese art where paper is used to create various shapes and patterns. This is a fun activity where children can create different formations using the paper folding technique. Origami can help improve your child’s spatial awareness. Many difficult formations can be done using origami as it is a very popular art form.

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  • Gift tags – Let your kids go free and express their creativity by creating DIY gift tags for the holidays this fall. Creating gift tags with your kids will make sure you have a great time with your kids and you can make it an annual ritual where you create gift tags every holiday season.
  • Drawing painting – Art is incomplete without drawing / painting activities. Make sure to get your child used to all types of art so that they can choose the one they like the most. Drawing and painting is a lot of fun because kids can experiment with lots of colors, be it watercolor / oil painting / poster paint / pencils / carbon pencil sketches etc.
  • The art of pencil shaving – Preparing artwork using pencil shavings is a great way to recycle waste. Pencil shavings are delicate and should be handled with care when children are using them. Kids can even use a combination of pencil shavings and drawings to create their own masterpiece.

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Fun indoor activities for kids

Here are some other games that kids can play during the holiday season, which allows them to have fun while being on par with extracurricular activities.

  • Do Lego formations
  • Play the block game
  • Scrabble
  • DIY laser maze
  • Coloring books
  • Origami bookmarks
  • Tie art
  • Straw art

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