The Egbira celebrate the day of the descendants of Ohiku-Egbira


Kotonkarfi’s Ohimege Igu Abdulrazaq Isah-Koto called on the youth, women and elderly of Egbira mining to embrace agriculture, stressing that it has remained the mainstay of the population for decades .

Ohimege Igu made the appeal on Saturday when Egbira residents from across the country gathered in Kotonkarfi, Kigi local government area, Kogi state, to celebrate the Egbira-Ohiku World Day convention. and exhibit their rich cultural heritage.

He noted that the main essence of the gathering was to foster unity among the Egbira who are spread across the country in different states like FCT, Kogi, Edo, Nasarawa, among others.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Union of the Descendants of Ohiku-Egbira, General Chris Alli, (rtd), stressed the need for the inhabitants of the Egbira Nation to be united for the common good of all.

He called on the union to pay particular attention to the areas of education for women and girls aimed at improving their status and ensuring them a more secure future so that the Union’s commitments are accompanied by action.

“Special attention should also be paid to lifelong skills acquisition programs for young people, especially in the areas of ICT and crafts. I am happy to see that this is one of the many noble goals that the union wishes to achieve.

“While I have urged the union to put women and young people at the center of their program plans, I would like to advise young people themselves to stay away from acts of violence and other forms of crime that could endanger lives and property as well as destabilize the democratic stability of the country which has been maintained since 1999. Chris Alli underlined.

Earlier, the national president of the Union of the descendants of Ohiku-Egbira, Alhaji Musa Ibrahim Ahmadu, noted that the ethnic group decided to unite into one entity, with a common destiny, and do all the others things that will strengthen their unity and overall development. of the Egbira people and the Egbira Nation.

He argued that Egbira has a common name with a common Egbira spelling, regardless of dialectical differences, as previously resolved with traditional rulers and stakeholders in their previous conventions.

Speaking further, Ahmadu said that the very essence of their gathering is “to foster and strengthen the unity of the Egbira nation through enhanced social and cultural activities and to mobilize resources to provide economic and social services. to our communities.

“To create a formidable mechanism for conflict resolution within the Egbira nation by encouraging and developing a manly, articulate and autonomous internal crisis resolution mechanism.

“Making our collective voice formidable and relevant in local and national issues for the ultimate development and transformation of the Egbira Nation. “


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