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When the weather starts to get cold nothing sounds better than wrapping up in a cozy blanket on the couch and immersed in a deep Netflix frenzy with a glass of wine. Between the evenings, the end of year celebrations and drinking the pain of work which becomes more stressful at the end of the year, I drink quite a bit of wine. (Probably too much, but hey, let a girl live).

I love fall for many reasons, but mainly because it really kicks off the holiday scene. (More parties means more wine. Do you sense a trend here?) Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are some of the biggest holidays of every year, so why not put all those empty glass bottles to good use? Instead of dwelling on how much you drink, collect those empty ones and try out some of these DIY wine bottle ideas to get ready for the holiday season.

Tiki torches

Here in Texas it doesn’t drop below 60 until December, so make the most of the time and turn old wine bottles into these tiki torches to set the mood for your outdoor gatherings.

Find the instructions here.

Lot of cocktails


Every time I throw a party I feel like the whole fridge is overrun with alcohol and blenders. It’s a total mess. With so many fun seasonal flavors to enjoy (hello apple cider), set a theme for your guests and create mixers or batches cocktails have it ready to go. And having them ready to be put in wine bottles makes it a lot classier.

Find the instructions here.

Holiday lights

This DIY wine bottle could be one of the simplest craft ideas. Take your favorite seasonal thong lights and put them in an empty bottle. This is a fun decorative accent for any holiday to brighten up your entryway or table.

Find the instructions here.

Flattened wine bottle

I have to say, as a self diagnosed wine and cheese night addict, this one might be my favorite wine bottle craft idea. While I frequently enjoy this combination, I still find that I never have enough serving platters. Try this for your next one a romantic date (I know I am).

Find the instructions here.

Painting Table

I like that chalk gives you a few tries to get it right. Try out this cute and easy craft and update the words for each season.

Find the instructions here.

Haunted Table Landscape


Table landscapes can obviously be applied to any party, but how fun is this DIY Halloween project? Use your favorite combination of dark spray paint and candle and voila, you have a spooky tabletop scenery that is sure to impress family and friends.

Find the instructions here.

Wine Bottle Goblets


The holiday season means more people to serve. Instead of spending money on extra glassware, make this wine bottle project have some extra tumblers on hand. Nobody will go thirsty at your next dinner (your friends will thank you).

Find the instructions here.


Something about burning candles makes me feel like it’s the holidays. It simply creates a warm atmosphere like a lit fire and elevates any home. It’s a simple and creative way to enhance your home decor.

Find the instructions here.

Food storage containers

Wine Bottle Crafts

I’m all about more food storage, especially if it looks cute on the counter. Fill them with seasonal nuts or olive oil and enjoy the extra storage.

Find the instructions here.

Herb garden

During the holidays, I always find myself cooking a lot more. Take it to the next level with fresh ingredients from your own herb garden. This self-watering planter will make it easy to maintain well after the holiday season.

Find the instructions here.

Kitsch characters

Yes pumpkin the sculpture is a little too difficult for you (it is manner harder than it sounds – Halloween commercials are liars), try making a pumpkin bottle instead. It doesn’t go badly and you can reuse them every year as a seasonal touch to your home decor.

Find the instructions here.

Soap dispenser

Wine Bottle Crafts

One thing I never remember is stocking up on essentials to prepare guests. Forget designer soap and create your own holder that you can fill over time with hand or dish soap.

Find the instructions here.

Wine Bottle Vase


It doesn’t take a lot of effort but I’m a big fan of flower arrangements during the holidays. Decorate your bottle with spray paint or simply peel off the label for a simple vase. Let the flowers do the talking.

Find the instructions here.

Wine bottle candles

I’m not ashamed to admit that I spend a lot of money on candles during the holidays. Be smart and create your own candles with your favorite holiday scents.

Find the instructions here.

Christmas tree from wine bottle


It’s pretty ambitious but admirable if you’ve saved up so many glass bottles of wine. Are you wine lovers up to the challenge?

Find the instructions here.

Hot sauce hostess gift

Wine Bottle Crafts

You are not the only one welcoming this holiday season. Prepare your favorite hot sauce and take it with you as a hostess gift.

Find the instructions here.

Honorable Mention: Wine Cork Business Cards

With all this wine, you have to find something to do with the corks! Save them for an easy DIY to make business cards that would be perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

Find the instructions here.

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